My Current Obsessions

I tend to obsess over certain things, and I just cannot get enough! I wanted to share with you guys my absolute favourite things right now.


Ahhhh!!! Words cannot describe the amount of love i have for fur right now! Obviously not the real stuff, faux fur is just as fab and no animals are hurt in the process! Win win for everyone :). Here are some of my favourite furry things!

Exotic Faux Fur Oversized Bed Throw in Siberian Grey ($249 US)


Nordstrom At Home ‘Cuddle Up’ Faux Fur Wine Bag ($39 CAD)

‘Cause wine needs to be glam too.


Jacket with Faux Fur Collar by BLANKNYC ($210 CAD)


I’m also super in love with bralettes right now! I love the look of them paired up with a baggier top, its so sexy and edgy! Here are a few I’m loving!

Penelope Bralette by For Love and Lemons ($108 US)


Janette Bralette by Lex & Mila ($36 US)


Jhene Aiko for Lovers and Friends Lovely Lace Bra ($85 CAD)


Hope you enjoyed my favourites just as much as I do! Until next time!



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